Duckie Farm


Daffy Duck's Filmography

Year Film Director/ Supervisor
1937 Porky's Duck Hunt Tex Avery
1938 Daffy Duck and Egghead Tex Avery
1938 Porky and Daffy Robert Clampett
1938 The Daffy Doc Robert Clampett
1938 Daffy Duck in Hollywood Tex Avery
1939 Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur Charles M. Jones
1939 Scalp Trouble Robert Clampett
1939 Wise Quacks Robert Clampett
1940 Porky's Last Stand Robert Clampett
1940 You Ought To Be in Pictures Friz Freleng
1941 A Coy Decoy Robert Clampett
1941 The Henpecked Duck Robert Clampett
1942 Conrad The Sailor Charles M. Jones
1942 Daffy's Southern Exposure Norm McCabe
1942 The Impatient Patient Norm McCabe
1942 The Daffy Duckeroo Norm McCabe
1942 My Favorite Duck Charles M. Jones
1943 To Duck or not to Duck Charles M. Jones
1943 The Wise Quaking Duck Robert Clampett
1943 Yankee Doodle Daffy Friz Freleng
1943 Porky Pig's Feat Frank Tashlin
1943 Scrap Happy Daffy Frank Tashlin
1943 Daffy The Commando Friz Freleng
1944 Tom Turk and Daffy Charles M. Jones
1944 Tick Tock Tuckered Robert Clampett
1944 Duck Soup To Nuts Friz Freleng
1944 Slightly Daffy Friz Freleng
1944 Plane Daffy Frank Tashlin
1944 The Stupid Cupid Frank Tashlin
1945 Draftee Daffy Robert Clampett
1945 Ain't That Ducky Friz Freleng
1945 Nasty Quacks Frank Tashlin
1946 Book Revue Robert Clampett
1946 Baby Bottleneck Robert Clampett
1946 Daffy Doodles Robert McKimson
1946 Hollywood Daffy Friz Freleng
1946 The Great Piggy Bank Robbery Robert Clampett
1947 Birth of a Notion Robert McKimson
1947 Along Came Daffy Friz Freleng
1947 A Pest In The House Charles M. Jones
1947 Mexican Joyride Arthur Davis
1947 The Up-Standing Sitter Robert McKimson
1948 What Makes Daffy Duck Arthur Davis
1948 Daffy Duck Slept Here Robert McKimson
1948 You Were Never Duckier Charles M. Jones
1948 Daffy Dilly Charles M. Jones
1948 The Stupor Salesman Arthur Davis
1949 Wise Quackers Friz Freleng
1949 Holiday For Drumsticks Arthur Davis
1949 Daffy Duck Hunt Robert McKimson
1950 Boobs in the Woods Robert McKimson
1950 The Scarlet Pumpernickel Charles M. Jones
1950 His Bitter Half Friz Freleng
1950 Golden Yeggs Friz Freleng
1951 Rabbit Fire Charles M. Jones
1951 Drip-Along Daffy Charles M. Jones
1951 The Prize Pest Robert McKimson
1952 Thumb Fun Robert McKimson
1952 Cracked Quack Friz Freleng
1952 Rabbit Seasoning Charles M. Jones
1952 The Super Snooper Robert McKimson
1952 Fool Coverage Robert McKimson
1953 Duck Amuck Charles M. Jones
1953 Muscle Tussle Robert McKimson
1953 Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century Charles M. Jones
1953 Duck! Rabbit! Duck! Charles M. Jones
1954 Design For Leaving Robert McKimson
1954 Quack Shot Robert McKimson
1954 My Little Duckaroo Charles M. Jones
1955 Beanstalk Bunny Charles M. Jones
1955 Stork Naked Friz Freleng
1955 This Is A Life? Friz Freleng
1955 Dime To Retire Robert McKimson
1956 The High and The Flighty Robert McKimson
1956 Rocket Squad Charles M. Jones
1956 Stupor Duck Robert McKimson
1956 A Star Is Bored Friz Freleng
1956 Deduce, You Say Charles M. Jones
1957 Ali Baba Bunny Charles M. Jones
1957 Boston Quackie Robert McKimson
1957 Ducking The Devil Robert McKimson
1957 Show Biz Bugs Fris Freleng
1958 Don't Axe Me Robert McKimson
1958 Robin Hood Daffy Charles M. Jones
1959 China Jones Robert McKimson
1959 People are Bunny Robert McKimson
1960 Person to Bunny Friz Freleng
1961 The Abominable Snow Rabbit Charles M. Jones
1961 Daffy's Inn Trouble Robert McKimson
1962 Quackodile Tears Art Davis
1962 Good Noose Robert McKimson
1963 The Million-Hare Robert McKimson
1963 Aqua Duck Robert McKimson
1964 The Iceman Ducketh Phil Monroe
1965 It's Nice to Have A Mouse Around The House Friz Freleng
1965 Moby Duck Robert McKimson
1965 Assault and Peppered Robert McKimson
1965 Well Worn Daffy Robert McKimson
1965 Suppressed Duck Robert McKimson
1965 Corn On The Cop Ive Spector
1965 Tease For Two Robert McKimson
1965 Chili Corn Corny Robert McKimson
1965 Go Go Amigo Robert McKimson
1966 Astroduck Robert McKimson
1966 Mucho Locos Robert McKimson
1966 Mexican Mousepiece Robert McKimson
1966 Daffy Rents Robert McKimson
1966 A-Haunting We Will Go Robert McKimson
1966 A Squeak In The Deep Robert McKimson
1966 Feather Finger Robert McKimson
1966 A Taste of Catnip Robert McKimson
1967 Daffy's Diner Robert McKimson
1967 Quacker Tracker Rudy Larriva
1967 The Music Mice-Trio Rudy Larriva
1967 The Spy Swatter Rudy Larriva
1967 Speedy Ghost To Town Alex Lovy
1967 Rodent To Stardom Alex Lovy
1967 Go Away Stowaway Alex Lovy
1967 Fiesta Fiasco Alex Lovy
1968 Skyscraper Caper Alex Lovy
1968 See Ya Later Gladiator Alex Lovy
1987 The Duxorcist Greg Ford and Terry Lennon


Daffy Duck Features

Year Film
1979 The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie
1980 The Chocolate Chase
1980 Daffy Flies North
1980 The Yolks on You
1980 Duck Dodgers And The Return Of The 24 1/2th Century
1981 Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie
1983 Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island
1988 Daffy Duck's Quackbusters
1988 The Night Of The Living Duck
1990 Box Office Bunny
1996 Superior Duck
1996 Marvin The Martian In The 3rd Dimension
1996 Space Jam