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Hong Kong
I'd like to apologize if you are not in the list below, I might have missed it and this list will keep updating frequently.


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Name Description
Ambrose A nice guy and sometimes he helps out with my English.
Angela I've known her for three years already, but we are not really closed friends till this year... hehe, we always make fun on each other! She's really talented!
Athena She takes care of me all the times and she is always patient to listen to me; she's one of my best friends.
Cherice She's kind and she's one of the friends whom I always hang out with.
Cherry She doesn't talk much... unless you know her very well.
Debby She always calls me Ducky... ooo! She's a talented artist and I always admire her work.
Fox I always ask him questions whenever I am stuck with my Biology homework or computer problems.
Grace A nice friend. Thou' we don't have any class together this year, we still keep in touch thru icq. She's that kind of person that never would ask for any return, a really really nice girl. She always helps out for my Chemistry homework, I gotta thank her for helping me to keep the B in that class!
Joanne She always gives me lectures and I learn lots from her!
Karmen She looks sooooo cool and seems like she doesn't even have any expression on her face; however, once you get to know her, she's so friendly and now I found that - she can smile :)
Katherine Hmm, I forgot how I knew her... we never had the same class together. We now keep in touch thru icq; she always teaches me things ooo~
Kinlu Both of us kinda have the same interests and that's why we are good friends! She always helps me out with the school work.
Leo A nice guy who talks about Jesus Christ all the times. He shows me what "friends" really are!
Leslie We are in the same English class this year, he's a genius!
Mecky I knew her thru Sharon, we keep in touch thru icq since we don't have the same class~
Nicki We have a few classes together every year, probably becoz' we both have the same interests: visual arts and computer!
Norman He always helps out with my computer problems and he's a smart, nice guy.
Robia She's a nice friend of mine; we seldom talk this year, but we are still good friends.
Sharon Despite some people thought that we are no longer friends as we seldom talk to each other in school, well, good friends don't have to be together everyday.
Sonia She's helped me a lot, hehe, I still don't know how to thank her and her family... ooo~
Tammy A girl who's two years younger than I am, but I still learn things from her in many cases.
Teresa She's like my sister (Haha, sometimes like my mother, Mother Teresa?!) to take care of me all the times; a really good friend of mine.
Tony We were in the same school in Hong Kong, coincidently, he just came to Canada few days before I did. Thou' he lives kinda far away from me, he always comes out Vancouver once in a while. He is my chemistry and computer tutor haha!
Vicky Both of us have gone through many things, finally we become friends again. Wow, I can say she's the worm in me, she understands me so well!
Wendy She's grad last year and we now keep in touch thru icq.
Winnie A funny girl that is full of sense of humor; she teaches me sign language and we keep in touch thru icq since that's pretty hard to see her around in school becoz' she skips a lot! ooo!


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Name Description
Ah-wing I never thought that I could get to know a good friend on a bus. I DID know her on the bus... that's a bit weird. She's few years elder than I am and so she always gives me lectures, but that's nice of her. She's the first one of my friends to get married haha.
Angela One of my good friends. She's now studying in LA and we keep in touch thru icq now. She's talented; I always learn things from her.
Antony My best guy friend. We seldom talked to each other when I was in Hong Kong, but we write letter to each other during the time when I am in Canada. I miss him.
Carmen An old friend of 11 years. Thou' we have now lost contact with each other, I did meet her once when I was back to HK last summer. I hope I could get a hold with her again.
Chu We write to each once in a while and she's one of my good friends, and one of "The Six".
Dennis A good friend to have. We keep in touch thru icq now.
Hau-yee We were not friends till I went back to HK last summer, thou' we knew each other when I was still in HK. She's nice to me and she's going to the US to study soon.
Hoi-lam I've known her since I was in the Kindergarten. We were good friends all the times till we were in P.6, something happened then we were no longer friends... that's pretty sad. However, we are friends again when I was back to HK last summer, coz' we both found that we were just being childish to end the precious friendship of 14 years.
Joyce (Kawan) My best friend ever. She lets me know there's still someone who is always be there for me and we are even closer than sisters. She's one of "The Six" too. I miss her so much.
Kakei One of "The Six"; we keep in touch thru icq now.
Marble My "official" god-sis. We grew up together and somehow we are same kind of people. Her mom (my god-mom) is the best friend of my mom; we have known each other since I was very little.
Mike A good friend to share ups and downs. He can be there to listen to me and give me opinions.
Rickie One of "The Six"; we keep in touch thru icq now.
Siu Yuen One of "The Six"; we write to each other once in a while.
Toto An old friend. I've known her for 11 years already. We write to each other once in a while.
Wendy Another old friend I've known for 11 years. We still keep in touch thru writing letters.


Others (Back to the Top)

Name Description
Sunny He's my sister's friend and I met him at San Francisco at Christmas few years ago. Thou' I've only met him not more than 5 times, seems like we've known each other for so many years. He likes traveling around alone, today in Japan, tomorrow in Hong Kong. I admire him so much, he seems like good at everything.