Duckie Farm


Full Name: Homer Jebodiah Simpson
Family Members: Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Abraham
Occupation: Safety Inspector, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Education: He was not graduated until he went to the night school
Hobbies: Bowling at Barney's Bowlarama, drinking at Moes Bar
Favorite Food and Drinks: Donuts, porkchops and beer
The main-man about the Simpson household who calls the shots when making all the tough decisions (Such as how low the level of beer in his self- patented drinking hat should be allowed to fall to before calling another member of the family to fill it up for him). This man's claim to fame is his ability to lose his own daughter in a space of 24 hours being given charge of her, whilst being inside his own home, and also to being able to attain an unfeasible body-fat to flesh ratio, in excess of 100%. Surely, this is a man destined to become great things?

Weighing in at about 260 pounds, this pure source of abundant vibration dampening material was born sometime before 1957 (Depending what source of information you look at) and has had various positions of employment at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, his current work place. He is currently employed as a Safety Inspector...(God save us all)

Let it not be said that Homer never achieved much within his own lifetime. Winning an assortment of accolades during his turbulent school days (including an award for the most improved odour), he has undeniably "touched" others lives for better (or, more realistically, worse).