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Pictures (Back to the Top)
- Shapes
The name of different kinds of breast shapes!
- Understanding Computer Technology
As title, a new way of understanding computer technology.
- Eye Trick
A cool picture that you'll be surprised after you try that.
- Eye Trick 2 (Chinese)
Another eye trick picture. Stand far away and half-close your eye and you'll what's in the codes.


Comics (Back to the Top)
None available yet.


Animations (Back to the Top)
- Frog (.zip format)
A funny flash clip.
- Fish (.zip format)
A flash clip.
- Fish 2 (.zip format)
Another funny flash clip.
- Hair Cut (.zip format)
A funny flash clip.
- Kung -Fu
A funny animation gif.
- Money Back! (Chinese)
A funny animation gif to ask for money back.


Games (Back to the Top)
- Acne Game (.zip format)
A pretty funny game about acnes.
- WinWorm (.zip format)
It's "The Snake" in the cell phone games, but this one is in Windows.
- PacMan
A classical game... too bad there's no sound, but still fun.
- Firefighter
See how many people you can save from the burning building... not bad.
- Same (.zip format)
A nice game to challenge, it's like Tetris. 


Others (Back to the Top)
- How to open multi- ICQ accounts at the same time
I'll teach you how to open up more than one ICQ accounts at the same time without using any program. Step by step ooo~
- Fart Sound (.wri format)
A really funny fart file, you can hear the sounds of different fart styles (and with descriptions!) haha!
- Fart Definitions
Definitions of all kind of "farts".
- Multilingual Insults
A site that has insults in many different languages around the world.
- Font files (.zip format)
A zip file contains many cute, special fonts. Save the upzipped files into the font directory. (usually is C:\Windows\Fonts)
- A Card Trick
Worth to try~