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Friends' Homepage (Back to the Top)
- Holy-Land by Tony
A nice page and there are some html tutorials.
- Bian Factory by Leslie (Chinese)
A cool page about cars, Initial D, etc.
- Kinlu's Homepage by Kinlu (Chinese/English)
A good page containing her own art gallery, etc.
- Jimmy's Paradise by Debby
A nice page including daily jokes and her own art gallery, etc.
- Norman's Homepage by Norman
A great site having many celebrities and downloadable mp3s.
- Sonia's Homepage by Sonia
A nice personal page about herself, and her art work, etc.
- Ghost Impossible by Michael
A cool page about ghosts... oooo!


Music Related (Back to the Top)
- (Chinese)
A great site for downloading Chinese mp3s. 
- Super Chinese Lyrics Page (Chinese)
It's great and you can almost search for any lyrics you want.
- HK 007 MP3 Page (Chinese)
There're many Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese mp3 songs for downloading.
- The New Midi Page
You can download the Top20 pop songs in midi format and their lyrics there.
A cool site to download English mp3s.


Guitar Tabs (Back to the Top)
- Ultimate Guitar Archive
A search engine for guitar tabs.
- Guitar Page
Guitar tabs, guitar chords, guitar references, guitar lessons... and more.
Guitar tabs, mp3s, lessons, artists, etc. Membership required.
- Guitar Web Page (Chinese)
A cool page featuring tabs, chords, lessons, etc.
- Fat's Guitar (Chinese)
A cool page featuring guitar tabs of Hong Kong music.
- Red and Blue (Chinese)
A great page including artists' info, guitar tabs, discussion group, lyrics... and more.


Celebrities (Back to the Top)
- 100% Melanie C
The best site of Melanie I've seen on the world wide web.
- The Madonna Haven
A great site including Madonna's gallery, news, chat room, game, biography, mp3s and much more!!
- Madonna Madonna
Madonna's desktop themes, screen savers, wallpapers and skins.
- Rochelle's Nirvana Page
Site contains photo gallery, crossword puzzle, album survey, quotes, video clips, etc.
- The Cranberries' Official Web Site
Official international site. Features the latest news, biography, pictures, discography, etc.
- Denise's Shack
Page about Denise created by Daffy.


Comics/ Cartoons (Back to the Top)
- Baby Blues
One of my favorites... it's the Baby Blues' official site. 
- Dilbert Zone by Scott Adams
Another one of my favorites; it's Dilbert's official webpage.
- Old Master "Q" (Chinese)
I love this so much since I was a little kid... There're tons of stuff in this site.
- Old Master "Q" Homepage (Chinese)
Another lovely page of Old Master Q!
- Ding's Home (Chinese)
Doraemon!! There're pictures, songs, and much more!
- Doraemon's Homepage (Chinese)
Another Doraemon's page.
- Princess Mononoke
Picture Gallery of the movie "Princess Mononoke". Nice pictures!


Newspaper/ Magazines/ Media (Back to the Top)
- The Province
BC's newspaper.
- Vancouver Sun
BC's newspaper.
- MuchMusic
Canada's music channel.
- Entertainment Tonight Online
Entertainment news.
People Magazine.
- Z95.3 Today the Best Music
Vancouver's radio station.
- South China Morning Post 南華早報
Hong Kong's newspaper.
- Hong Kong Standard 香港虎報
Hong Kong's newspaper.
- Sing Tao Daily 星島日報(Chinese) 
Hong Kong's newspaper.
- Apply Daily 蘋果日報 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's newspaper.
- TinTin Daily 天天日報 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's newspaper.
- Oriental Daily 東方日報 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's newspaper.
- The Sun Daily 太陽報 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's newspaper.
- Hong Kong Commercial Daily 香港商報 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's newspaper.
- TVB Online
One of the major TV channels in Hong Kong.
- (Chinese) 
Entertainment news in Hong Kong.
- (Chinese) 
Entertainment news.
-YES! Magazine (Chinese) 
A popular teen magazine in Hong Kong.
- PC Home 電腦家庭 (Chinese) 
A magazine about computers.
- Sudden Weekly 忽然一週 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's magazine.
- Next Media 壹週刊 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's magazine.
- Easy Finder 一本便利 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's magazine.
- RTHK 香港電台 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's radio station.
- CRHK 商業電台 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's radio station.
- Metro Radio 新城電台 (Chinese) 
Hong Kong's radio station.


Computer Related (Back to the Top)
Online computer dictionary for internet terms and technical support.
Html tutorials, Java script tutorials, flash tutorials, online resources... and more.
- Tutorials at HTML Goodies
Good tutorials on html, java scripts, java applets, DHTML,... and more.
- Webmonkey
A great detailed tutorial site on html, java scripts, java applets, etc. Step by step.
- Website Abstraction
Html, java script, java applets tutorials.
- HTML Color Code Chart
The list of html color codes.


Search Engines (Back to the Top)
- Mamma
The mother of all search engines.
- Google
Pretty good search engine.
- Yahoo
Provide search engines with different languages.
- Altavista
Higher # of hits than Yahoo!
- Excite
Another choice other than Altavista.
- Ask
You can type in a question or a keyword to search.
- Lycos
Another choice other than Excite.
- WebCrawler
Another choice other than Excite.
- Alltheweb
Another choice other than Excite.
- 4anything
Another choice other than Excite.
- Kimo (Chinese)
A great search engine that can search either Chinese/English websites.


Literature (Back to the Top)
- The Writing of William Shakespeare
Includes complete works of William Shakespeare.
- Glossary of Poetic Terms
Online definitions of poetic terms.
- Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
A great online rhyming dictionary!! Check that out!
- Classical Chinese Poetry (Chinese/English)
A great page featuring classical Chinese poems back in ancient times.
- Passions in Poetry
A cool poetry network; poems are organized in categories.
- Poetry Resources
A site with links for poetry resources.


School Related (Back to the Top)
- Burnaby South Online
My school's web site- Burnaby South Secondary School.
- Ministry of Education (BC)- Provincial Exams Information
Provincial examinations information, schedule of the year, etc.
- Simon Fraser University (SFU)
One of the Universities in BC.
- University of British Columbia (UBC)
One of the Universities in BC.
- University of Victoria (UVic)
One of the Universities in BC.
- Trinity Western University (TWU)
One of the Universities in BC.
- Langara College
One of the colleges in BC.
- Douglas College
One of the colleges in BC.
- Kwantlen University College
One of the colleges in BC.
- British Columbia Institute of  Technology (BCIT)
One of the colleges in BC.
- Capilano College
One of the colleges in BC.
- Coquitlam College
One of the colleges in BC.
- Conceptera (Chinese)
A site that can find your old schoolmates in Hong Kong.


Rave Party Resources (Back to the Top)
- France's Guide to Vancouver Groovin'
A clean and easy page with a very updated event listing.
- Team Hard Core
A page with very updated event listings, including Vancouver and Vancouver Island, also other rave related stuff.
- LoungeX
A popular site with photos, events listings, party reviews, online music and message board.
- Ravelinks
A links page to all things related to rave around the world.
An informational site about rave culture, music and DJs, and more.


Miscellaneous (Back to the Top)
- (Chinese)
Online games, like mahjong and card games...
- Entertainment (Chinese)
Riddles, IQ questions, jokes, games, desktop themes downloads, and more.
Check for the updated price of gasoline in Canada.
- (Chinese)
Cool site where you almost can find anything you what, but too many irritating pop-up windows.
- He and She (Chinese)
Q&A for love issues.
- Sex and Love (Chinese)
A cool site that talks about sex and love (by two girls).