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I wonder why you click in here! Who cares about my profile!
Alright then, you'll find everything about ME in this page. 
Don't blame me if that gets you bored! HAHA!


Name:   Obviously, my name is Daffy! <-- Click in to find out how I got this name!
Nicknames:   Zleepaholic, Fachai
Place of Birth:   Hong Kong
Date of Birth:   February11th-1982
Zodiac Sign:   Aquarius
School:   Burnaby South Secondary School
Languages:   Cantonese, Mandarin, English and a little bit German
Interests:   Drawing and painting, collecting ducks stuff, photography, literature (poetry/Shakespeare), html, playing mahjong <-- of course, zleeping and eating!
Favorite Colors:   Brown, bright orange
Favorite Animals:  Ducks
Favorite Pets I have Ever Had:  Booboo, Rambo
Favorite Place:   My own bed
Favorite Food:   French fries, ice-cream, babyfood, everything that Mom makes <-- yes, I do love babyfood!
Favorite Drinks:  Malted soya bean milk (by Vitasoy)
Favorite Courses:   Math, English, all visual art courses
Favorite Accessories:   Silver ones
Favorite Drawing and Painting Materials:   Charcoal, pencil crayons, oil paint and oil pastels
Favorite Singers:  Madonna, Melanie Chisholm, Denise Ho, Shirley Kwan, Andy Hui
Favorite Bands:  Nirvana, The Cranberries, Aqua
Favorite Actor/Actress:  None
Favorite Movies:   Toy Story1&2
Favorite Artist:  Wayne Anderson
Favorite Cartoons:  Daffy Duck, Baby Blues, The Simpsons
Favorite Countries:   Greece, Germany
Things That I hate the Most:  Discrimination, having a cocky friend
My ICQ Number:   11999293 



 Alright, I'll stop now, seems like I hear you cursing me!
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